Definition of Operating System, Operating System Development General

The operating system (operating system)

Is a system "operation" hardware is modified such that the form of software (software) with a user interface for managing resources (hardware) or computer peripherals, the major building blocks namely as the control program that aims to avoid confusion commands from the user (brainware ) and the use of a computer is not required.
Operating System

Without an operating system, users can not run application programs on their computers, unless the application program boot. Understanding the general operating system is a software on the first layer is placed on a computer's memory when the computer starts booting.While the software - Other software runs after the operating system starts, and the operating system will perform core services for softwares that. 

The service from the core as access to disk storage space, memory management, task scheduling (schedule task), and also interface / user GUI / CLI.So that each software no longer need to perform tasks common core, because it can be served and performed by the operating system., Part of a code assigned to perform tasks and common core is called "kernel" an operating system. an example is the Windows operating system from Microsoft, the system linux, mac os of aple, unix, symbian, android from google, blackberry and others

In general, the operating system consists of several parts:

  1. Boot mechanism, namely to put the kernel into memory kernel, the kernel can also be regarded as the core of the operating system.
  2. Command Interpreter or shell, is responsible for reading the input data in the form of orders and provide some standard functions and basic functions that can be called by an application / software program lain.Contoh maupub other than Shell are: Command Prompt in Windows XP (DOS in Windows 98), XTerm and Konsole in Engineering Linux (Unix).
  3. Drivers to interact with the hardware while controlling the performance of the hardware.
  4. Resource Allocator. Operating system responsible for managing and allocating the resources of the device.
  5. Handler, the handler role in controlling the device system to avoid errors (error) and the use of resources that are not necessary.

The operating system begins to developThe development of the operating system starts from the creation of altair, the device first computer in 1975 that had intikan operating system CP / M, and later by the company Microsoft released into MS-DOS and is developing more of version 1.0 in 1981 to MS-DOS version 5.0 in 1991 up until now microsoft has issued several operating systems ranging from:

  • Ms-windows
  • windows 97
  • windows 98
  • windows 98 Me
  • windows 2000
  • windows ME
  • windows XP
  • windows vista
  • windows 7
  • windows 8
And the last one is a windows 10 are still in the process / technical preview.

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