Recognize a Good Charger For Your Smartphone

Have you ever felt the charging feels old? Or when the original charger behind and use other chargers, the charging process was much longer than using the default charger?

Similar to smartphones, it turns out each charger also has different specifications. Using this type of indiscriminate charger will indeed cause various problems, including the battery charging process is longer.


The thing to note is the adapter of the charger itself. Similarly, the USB cable is used. And how nice to know whether or not a charger while charging into smartphones.

Use the app
The first step is to install an application called Ampere. Application made Braintrapp size of 4.4 MB is an Android application that can help in measuring how quality charger is used. This application will show how many amperes of a charger so that you can compare, where a nice charger and charger are ugly, or where the charger that can charge the battery quickly.

Run the application
Credit: pcplus.co.id

After running the application, wait a few minutes until the count appeared amperes were detected by the application. Here will be seen in real time how much amperage used by smartphones in the condition of the battery being used. In this mode the application will display information to the font of orange (orange). The result of the detection of the power used will show the smartphone.

Attach the charger
Furthermore, to examine the ability of the charger, connect the smartphone to the charger that you have. Once installed, run the application again Ampere. Wait a few seconds until it displays the power it generates. When connected to a charger, power information is displayed with colored font Tosca (light green). Numbers listed indicate the charger's power is generated while charging the smartphone.

Compare charger
If you have more than one charger and would like to see a comparison of ability, you can try to do the same thing as before. Replace another charger and plug it into a smartphone. Rerun Ampere and notice the power it generates. You could compare with the view that information and choose which power is greater. The higher the amperage listed power, the faster the battery charging is done.

Display information

compare smartphone
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In addition to displaying the generated power, Ampere application also has other information that is not less important. From here you can simultaneously check the condition of the battery is still good or it's time to be replaced. Other information also shows the type of battery used. Similarly, the temperature is going to be able to monitor if the battery is in a state of over-heat.

Accelerate charging

Credit: pcplus.co.id

If you want faster charging, you can experiment by turning off features on the smartphone. For example, by turning off Wi-Fi or internet data. Can also enable Airplane mode, then see the changes that occur ampere intake. Turn off the screen will accelerate the process of charging the battery, but of course you will not be able to see information from the application.

Watch the temperature
If using a cover, case, or protection on smartphones, pay attention to the temperature generated during battery charging. Ampere detects temperature when it is done. Then you can compare the currently charging the battery when the smartphone is not using the cover. Is there a drop in temperature? If so, it should be off the cover. Because overheating will shorten the lifespan of a battery. Even in the worst condition will cause damage. Therefore, note the temperature when charging the battery. Try to not use a smartphone while charging the battery with power-draining activity, such as telephone or internet.

Check the authenticity of the charger
Ampere also be used to check whether the charger is used fake or genuine. Recharge your batteries with a charger problem and run Ampere. Notice how the voltage and current into the smartphone. As soon as the results came out, immediately equate with that written on the head of the charger adapter. If it turns out his figures much different voltages (in the bottom half of the voltage value is written) it can be suspected that it was a fake.

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