Recognize 12 Features Cool in Vivo V5

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Recognize 12 Features Cool in Vivo V5 - Vivo V5 comes as smartphone that favor the ability of front camera with a resolution of 20 MP. With it, you can get results more perfect selfie photo. Therefore Vivo V5 header carries Perfect Selfie affirming its main advantages. But of course there are still some excellent features that are not less interesting. Anything? Here are:

1. Show the notification panel
With FunTouch interface, Vivo V5 uses a slightly different way to display the notification panel. If you swipe down on the screen, then you'll just have to see me alone. To display the panel, you have to swipe up from the bottom of the screen.

2. App running in the background
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In order for optimal performance of RAM back in, you can turn off multitasking applications that are running by pressing Speed Up contained in the notification panel. But what if it does not want to turn off a particular application? How, by selecting the application to be included in the whitelist. In this way, the application will continue to run in the background even if you press the button Speed Up. To put it to the whitelist, a long press on the application and will appear Add to white list. And if you want to remove whitelist, press the application to perform writing Remove from whitelist.

3. Displays widgets and effects
Vivo provide three key heptic a button Menu, Home and Back. To display widgets and effects, you simply press the Menu key. Here there are three functions that can be used is Widgets, Sliding Dynamic Effects, and Hide Icon.

4. Hide apps
You can hide installed applications and protect it with a password so that people using smartphones do not know or run the application. You do this by pressing the Home button and scroll to the category Hide Icon. Then press the app you want to hide. You can protect it with a password by pressing Encryption Settings.

5. Showing the video in PiP
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You can run videos with the look Picture-in-Picture that can still be running other applications. The trick, run the desired video and press on the icon on the lower left side. You can also shift video into a variety of positions.

6. Run the application or wake up the screen instantly

You can turn on the screen in a sleep state in a way that is more practical than pressing the Power button utilize features Smart Wake. This feature is in Settings> Smart Motion> Smart Wake. In it there are various options, and one of them wake up the screen by drawing a letter or a particular gesture.

7. In order for a smaller screen
With One-Handed feature, you can shrink the size of the screen and place it in the desired position. This feature is useful for anyone who wants to reach across the screen using one hand. How to activate it by going to Settings> One-Handed Access and enable selection of one-handed keyboard as well as a mini Acces screen using gestures.

8. Two applications in one screen
vivo v5
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You can do this by enabling the Smart Muti-screen features. Suppose you're running applications Video or YouTube, will automatically display an icon when there are incoming messages. Tap the icon and the application will be displayed side by side. Only a second application that can be displayed only supported by messenger applications such as Facebook, SMS, and WhatsApp.

9. Screen capture
Vivo V5 not only can capture the screen in the form of images, but also video GIF, screenshots lengthwise, patterned screen, square, with doodles, and in accordance with what you want. Previous activate the feature Super Screenshot of Settings> Super Screenshot. To find out how to use it, you can go to the Instructions.

10. Other functions on the Volume
When the screen is off, you can use the Volume Down button for other functions such as turning on a flashlight, recording, start the camera, Facebook, or other applications. To enable them go to Settings> Smart Click. Turn the switch to the On position.

11. Enable Fingerprint
In Vivo V5, fingerprint features can not only be used to open the locked screen but also protection in certain applications. To activate it you can perform fingerprint scanning beforehand located on the Settings> Fingerprint and passwords.

12. Professional mode on the camera
vivo v5
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With this mode, you can produce photos that are unique and creative. Professional Mode provides manual settings consisting of ISO, White Balance, Shutter Speed, Macro or Infinity. From here you can adjust with the object of what he wanted to be arrested. For example, to capture images with rapid movement, increase the shutter speed to 1/1000 or 1/2000 figures in outdoor daylight conditions. If you want to get a cool light effects on fast-moving vehicles at night, set the shutter speed to a low number such as 2, 4, or 6 seconds, and be sure to use a tripod so that the result does not blur or shake.

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