How Easy to Use Features "Ok Google" In Mobile Android!

Lately, perhaps we never saw an ad on television issued by the company Google, the ad features introduced "Ok google" android device which can already be used today, in the ad we see how users of mobile devices based on Android (HP / mobile phones, tablets etc. ) interacting with his android device by simply speak commands that begins with the word "Ok Google".

And having observed it turns the feature is the latest technology introduced by the company Google to allow users to interact with the android device hers, technology ok Google is in my opinion very unusually sophisticated, because just by saying a command which begins ok google then android device capable of processing instructions appropriately.

ok google
Amazingly Ok Google feature has support Indonesian. Even on the phone or phone with IOS operating system as the iPhone, Google's latest applications suport Ok Google and ready for use, you can download it on your iPhone App Store.

So what features Function Ok Google It?

Features Ok Google is actually to help Internet users through mobile devices to search using the Google search engine more easily, so the users when they want to look for specific information using the Google search engine, they will no longer be bothered to type the keyword, simply speak commands that starting with the word "Ok Google" then the command will be processed by the android devices are used.

As for instance want to find a hotel nearest to your location at this time, then you just say "Ok Google" nearby hotels and cheap ", then the feature is ok google with the help of Google search engine will display the most relevant information related to hotels nearby and cheap near location you are, whatever you're looking for simply say "Ok Google" followed by the keywords you want to search, then the information is quickly and accurately will be shown to you, it is very easy.

Remarkably feature ok google is not only to do a google search, but can also be used to open a particular application that is already installed on your Android device, users simply say "Ok Google" Open app_name, then quickly the intended application opens automatically. Additionally ok google feature can also be used to perform a search using the Google search engine, yet simple way, simply by saying "Ok Google" followed by a keyword to search, then the information diinginkanpun instantly displayed.

How do I use Google on Android devices Ok?

Perhaps you've long had an android device but you have not used google OK feature on your Android device, here I will explain how to use the ok google on your android device, to open an application or perform a Google search faster. The steps are as follows:

1. Make sure that the android system on your android device is android system version 4.4 kit kat upwards. because according to google to run ok google feature your android device specifications must be 4.4 and above.

2. Make sure that you've installed Google App version 3.5+ or the most recent.

3. Make sure that the language you select for your android device is Indonesian. Indonesian to turn on your Android device, the steps are as follows:

  • Enter the settings menu / settings,> select the menu language and input
  • On language and settings page, click the language or language menu, and select Indonesian

4. Enable Google App on your Android device

Google App

Sort of facilities will appear google search box, with the words Say "Ok Google" as shown below:

Ok Google

5. To use the feature "Ok Google" you simply say "Ok Google" and follow the word you want processed. some examples:

  • "Ok Google" Hotel nearby, it will be the search engine will display the nearest hotel information with your location at that time.
  • "Ok Google"....... Go to facebook, then google will open a facebook application with notes facebook application already installed on your android phone.

So in addition to doing a search, a feature ok google also it can be used to activate or unlock any application already installed on your Android device, ordered to stay just say the word "ok google" open app_name, then google will open or launch the application you call, ..... how sophisticated instead.

Why Ok Google feature can not be used (off) in the device my android device?

You may not be able to use the features ok google on your android device, if the specifications of your android adequate (android version 4.4 kit kat, and you have installed applications google version 3.5+ or later, then it should automatically you can use the feature ok google on your android device.

If the feature is Ok Google on your Android device does not run, then most likely the feature is inactive, therefore you have to activate it first, the steps are as follows:

1. Open the Google app on your Android device, then once it is open, select the menu line 3 that is located at the top left corner.

ok google

2.  Select Menu Display settings gear

3. On the next screen, select the Voice or Voice

4. Then in the next screen select menu Detection "Ok Google", then make sure unchecked or enable the option "Say 'Ok Google" to start a voice search from the Google app.

ok google

Until the above stages should google app on your device can be used to feature Ok Google.

How easy is not, please try, after knowing it, to activate an application or look for something in google, I often use the feature Ok Google, because it is easy and practical, no need to type in a keyword, or search for the app you want to open, simply activate the application google then say "Ok Google" wait a minute until it is ready, and say the command you want, very convenient and practical ..

Thus about Easy Ways to Use Features "Ok Google" At HP Android!, Good luck. and may be useful.

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