How to Easily Enable 4G Network The Locked in Mobile Xiaomi

Cara Mudah Aktifkan Jaringan 4G Yang Dikunci di Ponsel XiaomiSome official Xiaomi phones are present in Indonesia, lock the 4G network with limited policy reasons TKDN. In fact, in terms of smartphone hardware support network. For example, valid for smartphones redmi Note 3 and redmi 3 Prime comes through authorized distributors.
miui 8

Some users are buying through unofficial channels that do not have a 4G network that is already active. But if they update to MIUI version 8, the 4G network will also automatically terkunci.Nah for those who want to get a 4G network, there are easy ways that you can do. You do not need to be bothered with the process unlock the bootloader, rooting, or a more complicated way. Just follow the steps below.Just keep in mind that this will only be open while the 4G network. That is, the 4G network will be back lost if you perform a restart or reboot process. But do not worry if back in the 4G network is locked, you can again follow the same steps to open it. Here's how:
  • Turn off the smartphone. Open the compartment and SIM card.
  • Turn on the smartphone in the condition of the SIM card is not installed.
  • Once lit, dial * # * # 4636 # * # * on the phone function.
  • Menu window will appear, select Phone information 1. Scroll to the bottom and find options Set preferred network type, leave the smartphone in this condition.
  • Insert the SIM card to the smartphone.
  • Preferred network change prior to the election LTE / WCDMA.

xiaomi 4g

If true, then it will turn into a 4G network.


Definition of Operating System, Operating System Development General

The operating system (operating system)

Is a system "operation" hardware is modified such that the form of software (software) with a user interface for managing resources (hardware) or computer peripherals, the major building blocks namely as the control program that aims to avoid confusion commands from the user (brainware ) and the use of a computer is not required.
Operating System

Without an operating system, users can not run application programs on their computers, unless the application program boot. Understanding the general operating system is a software on the first layer is placed on a computer's memory when the computer starts booting.While the software - Other software runs after the operating system starts, and the operating system will perform core services for softwares that. 

The service from the core as access to disk storage space, memory management, task scheduling (schedule task), and also interface / user GUI / CLI.So that each software no longer need to perform tasks common core, because it can be served and performed by the operating system., Part of a code assigned to perform tasks and common core is called "kernel" an operating system. an example is the Windows operating system from Microsoft, the system linux, mac os of aple, unix, symbian, android from google, blackberry and others

In general, the operating system consists of several parts:

  1. Boot mechanism, namely to put the kernel into memory kernel, the kernel can also be regarded as the core of the operating system.
  2. Command Interpreter or shell, is responsible for reading the input data in the form of orders and provide some standard functions and basic functions that can be called by an application / software program lain.Contoh maupub other than Shell are: Command Prompt in Windows XP (DOS in Windows 98), XTerm and Konsole in Engineering Linux (Unix).
  3. Drivers to interact with the hardware while controlling the performance of the hardware.
  4. Resource Allocator. Operating system responsible for managing and allocating the resources of the device.
  5. Handler, the handler role in controlling the device system to avoid errors (error) and the use of resources that are not necessary.

The operating system begins to developThe development of the operating system starts from the creation of altair, the device first computer in 1975 that had intikan operating system CP / M, and later by the company Microsoft released into MS-DOS and is developing more of version 1.0 in 1981 to MS-DOS version 5.0 in 1991 up until now microsoft has issued several operating systems ranging from:

  • Ms-windows
  • windows 97
  • windows 98
  • windows 98 Me
  • windows 2000
  • windows ME
  • windows XP
  • windows vista
  • windows 7
  • windows 8
And the last one is a windows 10 are still in the process / technical preview.


Recognize 12 Features Cool in Vivo V5

Credit: Tech Firstpost

Recognize 12 Features Cool in Vivo V5 - Vivo V5 comes as smartphone that favor the ability of front camera with a resolution of 20 MP. With it, you can get results more perfect selfie photo. Therefore Vivo V5 header carries Perfect Selfie affirming its main advantages. But of course there are still some excellent features that are not less interesting. Anything? Here are:

1. Show the notification panel
With FunTouch interface, Vivo V5 uses a slightly different way to display the notification panel. If you swipe down on the screen, then you'll just have to see me alone. To display the panel, you have to swipe up from the bottom of the screen.

2. App running in the background
Credit: Pc plus

In order for optimal performance of RAM back in, you can turn off multitasking applications that are running by pressing Speed Up contained in the notification panel. But what if it does not want to turn off a particular application? How, by selecting the application to be included in the whitelist. In this way, the application will continue to run in the background even if you press the button Speed Up. To put it to the whitelist, a long press on the application and will appear Add to white list. And if you want to remove whitelist, press the application to perform writing Remove from whitelist.

3. Displays widgets and effects
Vivo provide three key heptic a button Menu, Home and Back. To display widgets and effects, you simply press the Menu key. Here there are three functions that can be used is Widgets, Sliding Dynamic Effects, and Hide Icon.

4. Hide apps
You can hide installed applications and protect it with a password so that people using smartphones do not know or run the application. You do this by pressing the Home button and scroll to the category Hide Icon. Then press the app you want to hide. You can protect it with a password by pressing Encryption Settings.

5. Showing the video in PiP
Credit:Pc Plus

You can run videos with the look Picture-in-Picture that can still be running other applications. The trick, run the desired video and press on the icon on the lower left side. You can also shift video into a variety of positions.

6. Run the application or wake up the screen instantly

You can turn on the screen in a sleep state in a way that is more practical than pressing the Power button utilize features Smart Wake. This feature is in Settings> Smart Motion> Smart Wake. In it there are various options, and one of them wake up the screen by drawing a letter or a particular gesture.

7. In order for a smaller screen
With One-Handed feature, you can shrink the size of the screen and place it in the desired position. This feature is useful for anyone who wants to reach across the screen using one hand. How to activate it by going to Settings> One-Handed Access and enable selection of one-handed keyboard as well as a mini Acces screen using gestures.

8. Two applications in one screen
vivo v5
Credit:Pc Plus

You can do this by enabling the Smart Muti-screen features. Suppose you're running applications Video or YouTube, will automatically display an icon when there are incoming messages. Tap the icon and the application will be displayed side by side. Only a second application that can be displayed only supported by messenger applications such as Facebook, SMS, and WhatsApp.

9. Screen capture
Vivo V5 not only can capture the screen in the form of images, but also video GIF, screenshots lengthwise, patterned screen, square, with doodles, and in accordance with what you want. Previous activate the feature Super Screenshot of Settings> Super Screenshot. To find out how to use it, you can go to the Instructions.

10. Other functions on the Volume
When the screen is off, you can use the Volume Down button for other functions such as turning on a flashlight, recording, start the camera, Facebook, or other applications. To enable them go to Settings> Smart Click. Turn the switch to the On position.

11. Enable Fingerprint
In Vivo V5, fingerprint features can not only be used to open the locked screen but also protection in certain applications. To activate it you can perform fingerprint scanning beforehand located on the Settings> Fingerprint and passwords.

12. Professional mode on the camera
vivo v5
Credit:Pc Plus

With this mode, you can produce photos that are unique and creative. Professional Mode provides manual settings consisting of ISO, White Balance, Shutter Speed, Macro or Infinity. From here you can adjust with the object of what he wanted to be arrested. For example, to capture images with rapid movement, increase the shutter speed to 1/1000 or 1/2000 figures in outdoor daylight conditions. If you want to get a cool light effects on fast-moving vehicles at night, set the shutter speed to a low number such as 2, 4, or 6 seconds, and be sure to use a tripod so that the result does not blur or shake.


Six ASEAN Countries with Largest Digital Population

Credit: www.mediawiremobile.com
Six ASEAN Countries with Largest Digital Population - Currently the world's population has reached 7.4 billion people. Nearly half, about 3.4 billion people have used the Internet in their lives. As one of the countries with the largest population in the world, Indonesia will contribute the high use of digital technology. This is not too surprising given the number of its population is the fourth largest in the world after China, India, and the United States.
According to data compiled by We Are Social (social marketing agency sites from Singapore), from the latest data compiled up to January 2016, there are six countries that have digital population is quite high in the ASEAN region. Among other things, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Vietnam, and Thailand. According to these data, Indonesia is the country with the largest digital population.
The high population growth in the region's digital impact on the opening of business opportunities based digital technology is increasingly widespread. By utilizing the resources (human) that is, addition and improvement of infrastructure, supported by the policies of each country, can make the ASEAN region into one of the region are taken into account in the development of digital technology.


Total population: 259.1 million
Active Internet users: 88.1 million
Active social media users: 79 million
The most popular social media: BBM
Mobile phone users: 326.3 million
Social media users of mobile phones: 66 million

According to We Are Social, Indonesia has increased the number of Internet users up to 15 percent during the past year. Mobile phone users themselves have a number greater than the total population. This indicates that many users who have more than one phone or one number in daily life.


Total population: 30.54 million
Active Internet users: 20.62 million
Active social media users: 18 million
The most popular social media: Facebook
Mobile phone users: 43.43 million
Social media users of mobile phones: 16 million

Malaysia is one of the largest digital populous country in Southeast Asia. This is reflected in the percentage of the number of Internet users reached 68 percent and the number of mobile users to 142 percent of the population. Yet social media users look more use devices other than mobile phones because it looks only 16 million users who utilize mobile phones to access social media.



Total population: 101.47 million
Active Internet users: 47.13 million
Active social media users: 48 million
The most popular social media: Facebook
Mobile phone users: 119.21 million
Social media users of mobile phones: 41 million

Compared to last year, the growth of Internet users and social media has increased to 46 percent and 47 percent. This amount is not very high compared to other ASEAN countries, but social media users have a higher rate than internet users. This indicates that social media was the main attraction in the move internet.


Total population: 5.65 million
Active Internet users: 4.65 million
Active social media users: 3.6 million
The most popular social media: WhatsApp
Mobile phone users: 8.22 million
Social media users of mobile phones: 3.3 million

Although as a country with the smallest population in ASEAN, but the percentage of use of the internet and social media is quite high. This is supported by the government's support, the existence of adequate infrastructure, as well as residents who are hungry for technology made Singapore into the top six highest digital population in ASEAN.


Total population: 68.05 million
Active internet users: 38 million
Active social media users: 38 million
The most popular social media: Facebook
Mobile phone users: 82.78 million
Social media users of mobile phones: 34 million

From the data gathered, the number of active Internet users and social media have the same number. This is because Internet users are dominated by the youth aged between 15 and 24 years who do tend to be more active in using social media to interact or socialize.


Total population: 93.95 million
Active Internet users: 47.3 million
Active social media users: 35 million
The most popular social media: Facebook
Mobile phone users: 142.99 million
Social media users of mobile phones: 29 million

Vietnam digital population growth is high. Other data collected from InternetWorldStats mention that Vietnam was included in the 15 largest Internet user in the world. And apparently traveling is one of the most frequently explored canals netizens in Vietnam. Not surprisingly, local government and neighboring states heavily promoting tourism using technology to attract more local and foreign tourists.


Recognize a Good Charger For Your Smartphone

Have you ever felt the charging feels old? Or when the original charger behind and use other chargers, the charging process was much longer than using the default charger?

Similar to smartphones, it turns out each charger also has different specifications. Using this type of indiscriminate charger will indeed cause various problems, including the battery charging process is longer.

The thing to note is the adapter of the charger itself. Similarly, the USB cable is used. And how nice to know whether or not a charger while charging into smartphones.

Use the app
The first step is to install an application called Ampere. Application made Braintrapp size of 4.4 MB is an Android application that can help in measuring how quality charger is used. This application will show how many amperes of a charger so that you can compare, where a nice charger and charger are ugly, or where the charger that can charge the battery quickly.

Run the application
Credit: pcplus.co.id

After running the application, wait a few minutes until the count appeared amperes were detected by the application. Here will be seen in real time how much amperage used by smartphones in the condition of the battery being used. In this mode the application will display information to the font of orange (orange). The result of the detection of the power used will show the smartphone.

Attach the charger
Furthermore, to examine the ability of the charger, connect the smartphone to the charger that you have. Once installed, run the application again Ampere. Wait a few seconds until it displays the power it generates. When connected to a charger, power information is displayed with colored font Tosca (light green). Numbers listed indicate the charger's power is generated while charging the smartphone.

Compare charger
If you have more than one charger and would like to see a comparison of ability, you can try to do the same thing as before. Replace another charger and plug it into a smartphone. Rerun Ampere and notice the power it generates. You could compare with the view that information and choose which power is greater. The higher the amperage listed power, the faster the battery charging is done.

Display information

compare smartphone
Credit: pcplus.co.id

In addition to displaying the generated power, Ampere application also has other information that is not less important. From here you can simultaneously check the condition of the battery is still good or it's time to be replaced. Other information also shows the type of battery used. Similarly, the temperature is going to be able to monitor if the battery is in a state of over-heat.

Accelerate charging

Credit: pcplus.co.id

If you want faster charging, you can experiment by turning off features on the smartphone. For example, by turning off Wi-Fi or internet data. Can also enable Airplane mode, then see the changes that occur ampere intake. Turn off the screen will accelerate the process of charging the battery, but of course you will not be able to see information from the application.

Watch the temperature
If using a cover, case, or protection on smartphones, pay attention to the temperature generated during battery charging. Ampere detects temperature when it is done. Then you can compare the currently charging the battery when the smartphone is not using the cover. Is there a drop in temperature? If so, it should be off the cover. Because overheating will shorten the lifespan of a battery. Even in the worst condition will cause damage. Therefore, note the temperature when charging the battery. Try to not use a smartphone while charging the battery with power-draining activity, such as telephone or internet.

Check the authenticity of the charger
Ampere also be used to check whether the charger is used fake or genuine. Recharge your batteries with a charger problem and run Ampere. Notice how the voltage and current into the smartphone. As soon as the results came out, immediately equate with that written on the head of the charger adapter. If it turns out his figures much different voltages (in the bottom half of the voltage value is written) it can be suspected that it was a fake.


How Easy to Use Features "Ok Google" In Mobile Android!

Lately, perhaps we never saw an ad on television issued by the company Google, the ad features introduced "Ok google" android device which can already be used today, in the ad we see how users of mobile devices based on Android (HP / mobile phones, tablets etc. ) interacting with his android device by simply speak commands that begins with the word "Ok Google".

And having observed it turns the feature is the latest technology introduced by the company Google to allow users to interact with the android device hers, technology ok Google is in my opinion very unusually sophisticated, because just by saying a command which begins ok google then android device capable of processing instructions appropriately.

ok google
Amazingly Ok Google feature has support Indonesian. Even on the phone or phone with IOS operating system as the iPhone, Google's latest applications suport Ok Google and ready for use, you can download it on your iPhone App Store.

So what features Function Ok Google It?

Features Ok Google is actually to help Internet users through mobile devices to search using the Google search engine more easily, so the users when they want to look for specific information using the Google search engine, they will no longer be bothered to type the keyword, simply speak commands that starting with the word "Ok Google" then the command will be processed by the android devices are used.

As for instance want to find a hotel nearest to your location at this time, then you just say "Ok Google" nearby hotels and cheap ", then the feature is ok google with the help of Google search engine will display the most relevant information related to hotels nearby and cheap near location you are, whatever you're looking for simply say "Ok Google" followed by the keywords you want to search, then the information is quickly and accurately will be shown to you, it is very easy.

Remarkably feature ok google is not only to do a google search, but can also be used to open a particular application that is already installed on your Android device, users simply say "Ok Google" Open app_name, then quickly the intended application opens automatically. Additionally ok google feature can also be used to perform a search using the Google search engine, yet simple way, simply by saying "Ok Google" followed by a keyword to search, then the information diinginkanpun instantly displayed.

How do I use Google on Android devices Ok?

Perhaps you've long had an android device but you have not used google OK feature on your Android device, here I will explain how to use the ok google on your android device, to open an application or perform a Google search faster. The steps are as follows:

1. Make sure that the android system on your android device is android system version 4.4 kit kat upwards. because according to google to run ok google feature your android device specifications must be 4.4 and above.

2. Make sure that you've installed Google App version 3.5+ or the most recent.

3. Make sure that the language you select for your android device is Indonesian. Indonesian to turn on your Android device, the steps are as follows:

  • Enter the settings menu / settings,> select the menu language and input
  • On language and settings page, click the language or language menu, and select Indonesian

4. Enable Google App on your Android device

Google App

Sort of facilities will appear google search box, with the words Say "Ok Google" as shown below:

Ok Google

5. To use the feature "Ok Google" you simply say "Ok Google" and follow the word you want processed. some examples:

  • "Ok Google" Hotel nearby, it will be the search engine will display the nearest hotel information with your location at that time.
  • "Ok Google"....... Go to facebook, then google will open a facebook application with notes facebook application already installed on your android phone.

So in addition to doing a search, a feature ok google also it can be used to activate or unlock any application already installed on your Android device, ordered to stay just say the word "ok google" open app_name, then google will open or launch the application you call, ..... how sophisticated instead.

Why Ok Google feature can not be used (off) in the device my android device?

You may not be able to use the features ok google on your android device, if the specifications of your android adequate (android version 4.4 kit kat, and you have installed applications google version 3.5+ or later, then it should automatically you can use the feature ok google on your android device.

If the feature is Ok Google on your Android device does not run, then most likely the feature is inactive, therefore you have to activate it first, the steps are as follows:

1. Open the Google app on your Android device, then once it is open, select the menu line 3 that is located at the top left corner.

ok google

2.  Select Menu Display settings gear

3. On the next screen, select the Voice or Voice

4. Then in the next screen select menu Detection "Ok Google", then make sure unchecked or enable the option "Say 'Ok Google" to start a voice search from the Google app.

ok google

Until the above stages should google app on your device can be used to feature Ok Google.

How easy is not, please try, after knowing it, to activate an application or look for something in google, I often use the feature Ok Google, because it is easy and practical, no need to type in a keyword, or search for the app you want to open, simply activate the application google then say "Ok Google" wait a minute until it is ready, and say the command you want, very convenient and practical ..

Thus about Easy Ways to Use Features "Ok Google" At HP Android!, Good luck. and may be useful.